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Women's High Support Sports Bras

Shop high impact sports bras

Explore our collection of high impact sports bras, designed to offer you the support you need to power through the most intense workouts with minimal distractions.

Not all sports bras are created equal, from comfortable cups to supportive straps, our high support sports bras are carefully crafted to keep your breasts in place through every jump, squat and burpee. Featuring breathable and quick drying fabrics, you can get your sweat on whilst remaining dry and cool. While features such as adjustable straps help you get the fit just right, and lightweight materials help to keep you feeling light and free. Usually padded, our supportive sports bras are designed to be there for you and yours.

Stylish high impact bras

Gone are the days when focusing on giving the girls the right support meant sacrificing on style, as our high impact sports bras effortlessly combine functionality with style. Here you can find sports bras in an array of colours and designs, from high neck supportive sports bras to racerback high impact sports bras. Choose from a range of colours, from black and white to pink or green, with design details such as mesh panelling too. Our flattering sports bras are here to make you look and feel your best, so you can work out with confidence.

Dual cup sizing available

As many of us know, it isn’t uncommon for your bra size to fluctuate. From weight changes when focusing on new activities and challenges, to fluctuations throughout different stages in the month. That’s why our dual cup sizing is perfect, as it fits two cup sizes, so the B/C will fit a B or C cup, D/DD would fit a D cup or DD cup and so on. So, whether you’re in-between sizes, not totally sure on your size or fluctuating in size, you can still find a bra that will have your back.

How to style a high support sports bra

How you choose to style your sports bra is totally down to what will make you feel most confident. You could wear it on its own paired with some leggings, or you could layer your high impact sports bra under a vest, or t-shirt. You may even want to throw a hoodie over the top for an extra layer of warmth when travelling to and from the gym.

What does high impact mean

A high impact sports bra is designed to reduce movement of the breasts when working out. Essentially, they give your boobs the support they need by keeping them secure, helping to reduce any discomfort when working out. But a high impact sports bra offers so much more than just comfort whilst you work out.

A high support bra is an absolute essential when it comes to high impact exercises, as it helps to reduce irreversible damage to your boobs. Despite many rumours heard, your breasts have no actual muscle. This means the only support your boob has (aside from your bra or sports bra) is your Coopers Ligaments – a thin stretchy structure. Without the right level of support from your sports bra, you can place the ligaments under huge strain, which could cause damage to them and their perkiness.

What type of bra is best for high impact activities?

A high support sports bra is crucial for high impact workouts, such as HIIT circuits or bootcamp Classes as they help your boobs to stay secure through every movement. Supportive sports bras are not only great for high-impact workouts, they are also ideal for larger busts as the extra level of support can help to keep your breasts secure.

For activities such as yoga, a light walk or a lifting session, you might find our low and medium support bras are more suitable as they offer a little more flex through each movement.

Can you wear a high impact bra all day?

Absolutely! Our high support sports bras aren’t just for the gym. They combine functionality and style, so you can feel comfortable wearing them all day. Whether that’s to run errands or to meet up for a coffee with friends.

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